BES workshop : 1st Workshop on Blockchain and Enterprise Systems

BES Program

Authors Title
Dmitrijs Rjazanovs and Ernests Petersons Decentralized Byzantine Fault Tolerant Proof of Location
Selin Sezer, Clemens Eyhoff, Wolfgang Prinz and Thomas Rose Exploiting Smart Contract Bytecode for Classication on Ethereum
Anne Sofie Vingerhouts, Samedi Heng and Yves Wautelet Organizational Modeling for Blockchain Oriented Software Engineering with Extended-i* and UML
Baoluo Meng, Meng Li, Benjamin Beckmann, Yoshifumi Nishida, John Carbone, Dan Yang and Michael Durling Towards Developing Trusted Smart Contracts in Simulink
Ali Habbabeh, Petra Maria Asprion and Bettina Schneider Mitigating the Risks of Whistleblowing An Approach Using Distributed System Technologies
Alessandro Marcelletti and Barbara Re FabNet: an Automatic Hyperledger Fabric Network Wizard
Christian Sturm and Stefan Jablonski Interorganizational Process Execution Beyond Ethereum: Road to a Special Purpose Ecosystem
Pascal Moriggl, Petra Asprion Fabienne Kramer Blockchain as an Enabler for Cybersecurity Use Case: Electronic Health Records in Switzerland

ManComp 2020: 5th Workshop on Managed Complexity

ManComp 2020 Program

Author(s) Title
Birger Lantow.  Prediction of Appointment Duration in Personal Services 
Katharina Goltz.  Work systems in the context of digital work 
Kurt Sandkuhl, Alfred Zimmermann, Rainer Schmidt, Dierk Jugel and Michael Möhring.  Managing the Architecture Complexity of Intelligent Digital Systems 
Ksenija Lace and Marite Kirikova.  Importance of IS in Mergers and Acquisitions 
Johannes Rude Jensen and Omri Ross.  Managing Risk in DeFi ​