November 26th, 2020

14:30     Assessing Alignment Between Business and IT Strategy: A Case Study. Samuel Andrén, Erik Lindström, Alice Hugosson, Sofia Rönnqvist, Robert Lagerström and Simon Hacks

14:50     Creating Vividness through Executable Models: A Teaching Case for Conceptual Modelling. Fabienne Lambusch, Håkan Enquist and Tomas Jonsson

15:10     Process Mining Supported Process Redesign: Matching Problems with Solutions. Steven Gross, Anton Yeshchenko, Djordje Djurica and Jan Mendling

15:30     Development of Light-Weight Web-based Metamodeling Tool. Guntis Mosāns and Jānis Kampars

15:50     Roles and Responsibilities in Digital Business Ecosystems. Chen Hsi Tsai and Jelena Zdravkovic

16:10     Discovering Activities in Software Development Processes. Saimir Bala, Paul Kneringer and Jan Mendling